The MAsters on Photonic NETworks Engineering (MAPNET) is a full time two-year programme, focused on the competence related to the generation, manipulation, transport and detection of signals exploiting photons as a support to convey information. This area is currently recognised as one of the most significant within Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the enabling architectures for the future Internet. In fact, the increasing quantity and importance of data exchange and relevant services in next generation Internet requires to utilise in an efficient manner advanced technologies such as data transport over optical fibers.

The initiative is structures into two different paths, a local one, at the Institute of Communication, Information and Perception Technologies (TeCIP) of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, and an international one, within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme.

The MAPNET Erasmus Mundus international path of the Masters develops in the ERASMUS MUNDUS framework of the  programme. The international programme is offered by a consortium of four universities and with the support of five international enterprises acting as associated members. It places in the buildings and relevant laboratories of the universities involved.

Latest News

  • 25 November 2015 - New call open for extra-EU and EU visiting scholars for periods before the 30th September 2016 - deadline: 15th February 2016 - Please APPLY HERE
  • 16 May 2014 - Results for the A.Y. 2014-16 edition (Erasmus Mundus international path with/without scholarship and local path) are NOW AVAILABLE
  • 9 January 2014 - Call for the A.Y. 2014-16 edition (Erasmus Mundus international path with scholarship) is CLOSED. Evaluation results will be available in April/May 2014
  • 8 Nov 2012 - Website maintenance in progress. New contents soon available!
  • 18 Feb. 2010 - Applicants of other Erasmus Mundus Courses have received fraudulent fee requests via e-mail. Please, DO NOT consider these fake e-mails and check any communication with the: MAPNET Administration.

MAPNET Consortium Members

Associated Members

The MAPNET local path consists of a University Masters – 1st level degree and is offered exclusively by Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

The Masters program consists of 120 ECTS (two academic years, divided into four semesters). Each semester allows 30 ECTS to be gained. The first three semesters are based on traditional courses, lab exercise and laboratory sessions, while the last is based on independent work related to the Masters thesis. More @ Study Programme.
The language of instruction at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Aston University and Osaka University is English. The language of instruction at Technische Universität Berlin is German.