Practical Information

Erasmus Mundus students/scholars will receive all assistance possible from the relevant offices in each of the institutions of the MAPNET Consortium. All partners boast sound experience in welcoming and enrolling foreign students into their courses and are well aware of the bureaucreatic and logistical issues involved in the process.

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna has an International Relations Office (IRO), which offers many services to international visitors. In particular hosted students and scholars are followed and helped from the moment they ask for the release of the visa: they are given all the necessary information to obtain an Italian study visa and they are followed step by step, also in the contacting of Italian embassies and consulates. Once they are in Italy, the IRO provides them with the assistance to ask for the Stay Permit in Italy.

Useful information and guides for international students can be found here.

Techniche Universität Berlin

TU Berlin provides an International Office for International Students and has mechanisms in place for housing, coaching, counselling, social integration etc. All information for students available on the website of TU Berlin can be found here.

Aston University

The Electronic Engineering subject group at Aston University provides Masters students with full pastoral support during the entire course. The research group secretary provides a first point of call for pastoral suppport to all Masters students. The head of the Masters programme, Dr John Williams, acts as personal tutor on both academic and non-academic issues.  The University provides an advice service to all students (Aston Service Access Point) covering all aspects of academic and non-academic life. In addition, the Aston guild provides an independent student counselling and advice service. A comprehensive handbook covering all aspects of the academic and non-academic aspects of the course is also provided to each student. More details can be found here.

Osaka University

The Osaka University Support Office for International Students and Scholars assists new incoming international students and scholars with the following: Residential Assistance; Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence; Providing other various information. Perspective international students will be provided with a Guide book including information about support organizations, academic programs, scholarships, lodging support, and various support systems provided at the university. It also provides information about medical service, insurance, applications and other procedures relevant to status of residence in Japan and information on daily life.

The Graduate School of Engineering and the School of Engineering in Osaka University count upon the services of the Advisory Division for International Students (ADIS of Graduate School of Engineering, ADIS of School of Engineering). The ADIS provides various support and advice to international students, concerning their study and daily life.